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We've invested years in researching the best initiatives for increasing sales and profits for every brand of dealership. Each demographic is different and therefore every data algorithm and creative response is unique. We have found a marriage of art and science in the methods we utilize to find new organic dealership customers. Data is key and experience is vital.


It is far more than buying a list from a large data company. To successfully and consistently attract new organic conquest customers, you must utilize an ever evolving algorithm. Psychographics and demographics with current contact data is unique to every rooftop. Our team knows exactly how to create a system that has proven to work for years.


We have researched, designed, and tested the most user friendly automated software applications to make certain that our dealership clients never lose a customer. We offer Conquest Campaigns from several different data sets for both sales and service. It is critical that every contact is kept and handled well.


Nothing measured, nothing managed. We understand that a dealership cannot know if an initiative is working without a detailed ROI report. At the predetermined close of any campaign, we provide our dealership clients with a detailed report of all available results. Our clients know it’s working.

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We safeguard our dealership clients’ data in every way imaginable. We encrypt all stored files. We have background checks and strict protocols for our employees. We shred anything that has the dealership customer information.

About Us

We are a consortium of automotive management professionals, seasoned digital marketing experts, and software designers with the mission of delivering NEW ORGANIC CONQUEST CUSTOMERS to our dealership clients.

We are experienced, educated, and proven individuals who only point to our dealership client references to show our ability to increase dealership profits.


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