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Digital Advertising for Dealerships

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Social Media is the New Internet

It is imperative that car dealers build their presence on Social Media.  Unfortunately so many dealerships have such low (under 5K) likes or followers that millennials see them as inferior and out of touch with today's digital age.  ProfitMotors™ aggressively builds your social media presence on all platforms.

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88% of all Vehicle Searches are on Google

Understanding current algorithms, trends, and creative that gets clicked is key to success in online searches.  ProfitMotors™ knows exact key search terms for EACH REGION and not just blanket (cut & paste) formats that achieve mediocre results.  We are constantly evolving our Google AdWords formulas and which gives our dealerships the edge over the competition.

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Email with maximum open rate

Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, and others are constantly changing their SPAM filters. Consumers are numb to much of the creative being sent by today’s retail automotive industry.

ProfitMotors™ is on the cutting-edge of all SPAM protocols and knows what creative is getting the attention of car buyers in 2020 and beyond.

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Ringless Voicemail Done Right

We utilize the most advance and secure ringless voicemail system.  We hire the most natural sounding skilled voiceover professionals to authenticity in each voicemail.

ProfitMotors™ knows what scripts work in both Sales & Service.  We can fill your showroom or service drive with our email & ringless voicemail strategies.