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New Algorithm Developed and Patent Pending for Profit Motors, Inc. Called PRUDEN™

Profit Motors, Inc. and two sub-contractors have developed and tested a proprietary algorithm that actually works in the retail automotive space. It will be used to dramatically increase response for dealership customers in both Conquest and Retention campaigns.

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It is breathtaking how many dealerships employ advertising companies and advisors that repeatedly fail with marketing initiatives. ProfitMotors™ has seen large auto groups bring in advisors and ad gimmicks that go nowhere.

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ProfitMotors™ Hand Addressed Mail Sky-Rockets Customer Retention at Dealerships

Profit Motors, Inc., a California based Advertising Company operating exclusively within the retail automotive space, is now the premier vendor of a completely unique form of dealer advertising. Hand Addressed mail is being delivered in a variety of envelope sizes and colors to lease retention and those in an equity position on a retail purchase agreement.

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ProfitMotors™ is now V2 Compliant for Equifax Data

Profit Motors, Inc. in Newport Beach, CA is now one of the only providers of the extremely valuable V2 vetting for customer data use in marketing retail automotive dealership clients. This data set can include real time customer payments, APR, and FICO scores. The data can also market to people who are 2-4% points higher on a current loan then the credit bureau believes they would qualify for today. A great advantage to customers to save on interest and dealerships to bring in new happy customers. Profit Motors, Inc. takes this status very seriously and understands the huge responsibility in having access to such data.

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