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Most automotive associations think tanks and mega groups know that, on average, a typical dealership loses 24-31% of their customers to competitors. This shrinkage is for a myriad of reasons, from a bad service experience to poor follow-up by your sales staff. ProfitMotors™ takes the guesswork out of knowing where your customers are when they are genuinely ready to buy, and how to get them back into your showroom. Our proprietary algorithm, combined with monthly NCOA and PCOA cleanses, assures real clean data. We then use our proven laboratory of dealerships to know what the best creative mediums and multi-tiered advertising will best bring in every possible sale.



Nothing is perfect, and anyone who tells you that you will never lose a customer is unquestionably lying. We believe that we can bring your loss down to hardly any customers; however, you need to compensate for that small loss with new organic conquest customers. ProfitMotors™ has exceptional relationships with several cutting edge data providers.  W avoid deploying a non-effective saturation mailer that will do what fortune 100 companies call “anti-branding” by making your community think that you are cheap and petty. We find exact real-time data on lease payments, FICO scores, VINs, APR’s, and several other critical factors in having relevant data that works. We then run multiple algorithms and a last-minute NCOA before ever implementing any direct marketing, email, or social media campaigns for conquest customers.


Psychographic Profiling & Creative Design

Are you doing the same tired campaigns over and over again? Do you think to know what the difference was in your demographic and psychographic community profile from 2018-2020? We know. We know exactly what works in each demographic and psychographic group and how to marry those trigger points to cutting-edge copy and graphics that grab the attention of potential customers. Every make, area, and dealership are unique; we evaluate your market area and segments to determine what will work and what will fail. We know how to get customers to take action on a marketing piece for your dealership.

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Car Dealership marketing solutions include digital campaigns, direct mail campaigns, conquest leads, smart conquest data, handwritten mail pieces, social media marketing and strategies, and specialized techniques solely offered by Profit Motors, Inc. Be sure to find out how and why before choosing your next dealership marketing or advertisement solution.